Here is a list of Schlaikjers, ordered somewhat by proximity to myself (Erich).

Most of the living persons can be contacted by email using an address like

Erich Erich Schlaikjer Self
reviews; travelogues; genealogy; Geocaching; politics; videos; links;
PatriciaPatricia McIntyrePatricia McIntyre, but you can still mail her at!
RossRoss Schlaikjergithub Jana Blog
GriffinGriffin SchlaikjerLinkedIn
ClaireClaire SchlaikjerArtist
LauraLaura SchlaikjerGGC
EliseElise SchlaikjerMorningstar Labyrinth
PaulPaul SchlaikjerLand Trust
SusanSusan Schlaikjer
CarlCarl Schlaikjerbattery chemist
AndrewAndrew SchlaikjerCarnegie Mellon page
KatieKatie SchlaikjerCellist
JayJay Schlaikjer(d. 2002)
LindaLinda Schlaikjer
TiaTia SchlaikjerNorth of Boston CVB
StephenStephen SchlaikjerChina expert; Salzburg seminar; Amazon
CarolCarol SchlaikjerBuy her music!
MarjorieMarjorie Schlaikjereditor
MatthewMatthew SchlaikjerAlrighters
AmenaAmena SchlaikjerHer website.
Consultant/Actress/Model/manager/freelancer/licensed make-up artist
EricaErica SchlaikjerHer website.
MaleneMalene Schlaikjersignal processing scientist (now at Oticon); swimmer; mother
met her via the internet!
HansHans SchlaikierSurname Schlaikier. My fourth cousin once removed. Lives in ancestral city of Aabenraa(Åbenrå). Daughter Brigitte and son Hans Georg. He has a Schlaikier signet ring, sword and other cool stuff. Dinner at his place. At Jebsen
Erich MErich M SchlaikjerGreat-uncle
dinosaur hunter
JesJes SchlaikjerGreat-uncle
TiaTia SchlaikjerDid the Appalachian Trail. More recent blog here.
Captain HansGrandfather of the Hans above (so my second cousin thrice removed). Wrote Aabenraa Søfarts Historie (1929), which Hans describes: "about seafarers from Aabenraa who did not return but stayed at sea as the expression is here. They went down with their ships etc."
ErichErich SchlaikierFirst cousin thrice removed. ?1867-1928 Writer.
WolframWolfram SchlaikierGreat-grandson of Erich the Writer (so my fourth cousin). Journalist
SharonSecond cousin once removed -- I think her grandfather was my great-grandfather's brother. Her genealogical website.
DennyDenny SchlaikjerThird cousin once removed. Blogger in Utah
Hans-PeterHans-Peter Schlaikier, actorFourth cousin once removed. Surname Schlaikier. Actor in Hamburg
LisaUnknown. Estate agent in Utah
StephanieStephanie SchlaikierUnknown. Surname Schlaikier. Australian kickboxer!
She is related to Dan and Mark Schlaikier, with whom I have been in touch. Mark is doing a lot of genealogical research, but how Schlaikiers got from Denmark to Australia remains an intriguing mystery.

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